Plum Personnel know exactly what I need when I’m looking for new employees. They do their homework, know my business and the people that fit. They are my No 1 supplier." HR Director (Voice & Data)

Our Contingency service is the starting point for every relationship we have with our clients. It is suitable for any organisation of any size.

The main benefit of this service is you do not pay us a penny until the candidate starts with you.

We start by finding out about the requirements of the position, what sort of person you’re looking for, and what the company does, in depth. As a consultancy we are able to offer advice on salaries competitive to your marketplace.

We are experts in recruiting, we stay ahead of our competitors by finding out exactly what you are looking for, we leave nothing to chance!


We will search our database and use various recruiting tools to find the right person for your organisation, most of our applicants come from referral but we also use targeted advertising, head hunting as well as all the social media platorms.

Once we have a shortlist you will be presented with the CV’’s of the applicants.

It is up to you who you decide to see, although we will advise you on why we feel the candidate is appropriate for the role.

We brief the applicant thoroughly before sending them for interview, each one will be fully aware of what your Company does and the job role itself.

At every stage of the process we are there to give prompt feedback from the candidates, we are here to make sure it all goes smoothly from initial interview till the day they start.